[NEW SHIT!] Paradise – Humans & Stars

13 03 2013

It’s from Portland, its suppose to be weird right? This tickle’s our butts. Get Tickled.


13 03 2013

We have been pretty drunk lately and are finally reviewing some of the gems we’ve stockpiled in our sink. The Shrills‘ “Meltdown” is one of those gems and simply put, it’s good.

Out of the zillions of painful to listen to mediocre rock “n roll bands polluting your eardrums. The Shrills’ are a deathray of hope, zapping shitty bands back to the fucking stone-age. This record makes us want to puke gold and dance like kids on the short bus. Listen Loud.


4 drunk cholos out of 5

Track we liked:

Friday’s Show Review!

11 02 2013


Last Friday night was a lot of fun! Things went ape shit and we like ape shit. First up was the one and only Death Lens! Holy Hell, These dudes rip! They come out strong and don’t hold anything back. This is what it’s all about.

Up next was the unholy mess of gratuitous flesh that is the marvelous Pool Honeys. If you’re not naked, face down in a pile of “oh god yes” by the end of their set, you’re doing it dead wrong.

Dirt Dress, as always were fucking fantastic, They put on a great show and force you too get weird. This is why we love them. All hail Dirt Dress.

San Pedro El Cortez are fucking animals! They shredded through their heavy set and left everyone wanting more. These crazy bastards went haywire and exploded like a neutron bomb! Our ears are still ringing.

Corners brought the roof down! The crowd went absolutely ballistic, the sheer amount spontaneous make out seasons that spawned out of their set was staggering. Listen to Corners, make out with a stranger.

We want to thank everyone who came out and made this possible and of course, all the great bands that played. Next show will be announced soon, so get ready for blast of sonic bliss. Things are heating up this winter so stay tuned.

Get Filthy –

The Love Stain + FTF

Photos by: Ryan Guerrero
Video by: Ruben Hernandez


28 01 2013


Location to be announced the week of event.


9 10 2012

Free Beer, 8 bands, 2 stages, all for 3 buxs! We are The Love Stain and this is how we boogie!

Randy Michel and The Sharp Dressed Lads

DethTrip Forever

Django’s Tiger

Death Lens

Black Mambas

The Bloodhounds

Plus! The Zoo Foundation and The Spirits!

Skate With J.F.A

2 10 2012

Fuck That Fest Recap!

2 10 2012

Fuck that Fest was insane! Thanks to everyone who came out and rocked out to Death Hymn Number 9, The Beaters, Crazy Joe Davola, Death Lens, Corners, and of course Circle One. It was an amazing night. Such a wild night. Photo’s up soon! Stick around we have tons of awesome shows coming up! Cheap Time, Unnatural Helpers and The Spyrals, and Cab 20 on Oct. 26th Check it out!

Wass Sappening! Thursday 9/27/12

27 09 2012

Obituary, Broken Hope, Decrepit Birth, Jungle Rot, Encrust @ The Key Club
The Silver Chords, Light FM, Birds of a Black Feather @ The Satellite
Voodoo Glow Skulls, Union 13, White Kaps @ The Blue Star Cafe
The Blank Tapes, N O W, The Vivids, Dume Town @ Detroit Bar
Dead Rabbits, Rob The Cartel, Get Scared @ Cedar Centre
Dum Dum Girls, Dunes, Tremellow, Tamaryn @ Los Globos
Kisses, Savoir Adore, Blondfire @ The Echo
Band of Horses, Tyler Ramsey @ Troubadour
The Dovelles, Atlas Cedars @ Fingerprints
Menomena, PVT @ El Rey Theatre
Conor Oberst @ Royce Hall

The Love Stain Presents: Cheap Time, Unnatural Helpers, The Spyrals, and Cab 20

27 09 2012

Friday Oct 26th! Come check out Rock n’ Roll savages’ Cheap Time with Seattle rippers’ Unnatural Helpers, San Francisco psych sensations’ The Spyrals and Los Angeles no shit takers’ Cab 20 live at The Nomad Gallery in Los Angeles, California

For all information on this show visit the event page right HERE




CAB 20

The Love Stain Presents: Fuck That Fest!

27 09 2012

This Saturday! Things will get very very very weird.


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