Sham 69, Youth Of Today, & Toys That Kill Get Added To Punk Rock Bowling!

16 02 2012

According to Brooklyn Vegan and Chaos In Tejas, The Cockney Kings, Sham 69 will be playing both Chaos In Tejas and Punk Rock Bowling! Sham 69, will be kicking your face in with their original 1977 line up! That means Pursey, Parsons, Cain and Slider. Along with The Sham, Punk Rock Bowling has added Youth Of Today, Toys That Kill, Street Dogs, Hepcat and many more. Read the rest of this entry »

Chaos In Tejas Tickets Go On Sale, Over 20 Bands Added to It’s Line Up

31 01 2012

Chaos In Tejas has gone bananas. The behemoth line up now boasts a hardy 90+ roster that continues to grow. Hatred Surge, Harm’s Way, Church Of Misery, and Phobia were some of the bands added to gigantic line up today. Something tells us the G-spot of Texas will be covered in vomit, patchouli, and G.I.S.M back patches. In short, your ear drums are totally fucked. Read the rest of this entry »

Celebrate 10 Years Of Razorcake With The Arrivals and The Young Offenders

9 08 2011

Razorcake has been kicking ass for 10 whole years and they are celebrating the friends and artists they love. After ten years, 63 issues, and hundreds of interviews, reviews and columns Razorcake stands as one of the best independent publications covering punk today. Read the rest of this entry »

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