Love Stain Spring Mix Tape 2012

4 05 2012

The filth buckets from The Love Stain have made a late Spring mix tape! These are some of our favorite tracks and audio snacks for Spring. Chomp into the mix below and spread the filth!

The Cry! Goes National!

1 05 2012

Our Portland power pop junkies are making us proud with a national tour. The Cry! have been pounding out solid sets since February of 2011 and haven’t stopped their melody soaked, piercing guitar riffs, and pitch perfect harmonies since. With the recent release of their self titled LP, it would seem The Cry! is ready to take on the world. Well. . . This tour will cover the U.S. at least but we are sure this isn’t the last time you will be hearing about these guys.

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[Fresh Vid] The Cry! – I Think I’m In Love

14 02 2012

Screw the chocolate, roses, and ass-less chaps. The Cry!, knows how to treat a Valentines’ date right. These Portland power pop fiends bust out the burritos and Tecate in “I Think I’m In Love”. I Think I’m In love has to be the catchiest thing since the clap. Peel open your eardrums to the rest of their tunes here. Now check out their toe tapping video under the sheets. “I Think I’m In love” directed by Tamsyn Cox.

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