The Shitty Limits Wig Out A Fresh One

29 09 2011

There aren’t to many bands that can make us impulsively run around naked in public with peanut-butter smeared on our ass. Thank God for The Shitty Limits or we and the Police would have never experienced such joy. Well The Shitty Limits have just dropped a teaser track from their upcoming full length out on Sorry State Records and we cant wait to hear more.

Check out the carnage down under. It’s a Spaztic One

This Band Will F*cking Kill You: Whatever Brains

19 07 2011


North Carolina’s Whatever Brains sounds like a chainsaw slicing through three tons of Beluga Whale in a Peruvian Sex Dungeon. In other words this band will tear your face off and hand it back to you in a doggie bag. Read the rest of this entry »

This Band Will F*cking Kill You: SMART COPS

22 04 2011

If you never got a chance to see the band La Piovra tear shit up in your town, now is the time dust off that old suicide bullet. Lucky for you, you don’t have to pucker up your lips to a cold hard love gun. A few years back some of the members of La Piovra went on to form porno mustache inspired Smart Cops!

Smart Cops is the tits. They play fast, snotty, and relentless. They put out a two ruckus 7 inches out on Sorry State Records (Highly Recommended Label) that totally crush everything that’s going on in this style. Their first self titled completely hooks you in and the great thing is their new album doesn’t suck or sound likes a complete rip of their first releases! High five to evolution!

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