[Spankin Fresh] Arctic Monkeys – R U Mine?

27 02 2012

The Arctic Monkey’s have surprised the hell out of everyone by dropping a spankin new video. “R U Mine?” is a new track that may be hinting to a possible upcoming album by the Arctic Monkeys. Intro’d by Sex Pistol’s Steve Jones on KROQ FM. The video follow’s the Arctic Monkey’s driving around, picking up random girls in masks, and filming all of it with a bootleg camera. If this sounds like the start of a porno, your right. Check out “R U Mine?” down under.

Los Angeles’ Radio Station KROQ Leaks New Red Hot Chili Peppers Single “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie”

18 07 2011

If you live in Southern California, you have heard the Red Hot Chili Peppers spill out of your radio on 106.7 FM at least 345 billion times over the last 20 years. If your anything like us, you want to stab a very sharp dildo into your ear to make the pain of stale radio playlists stop. We get it, Red Hot Chili Peppers is a great band and Give It Away is a great song from 1991. Its 2011 mother fuckers lets keep the rock-n-roll playlist flowing. Read the rest of this entry »

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