Wass Sappening! Monday 8/22/11

22 08 2011

Stone Darling, The Withers, Gothic Tropic @ The Satellite
Robert Francis, Jenny O, Soft Pipes @ The Bootleg Theater
The Lexingtons, Ross Sea Party, Rumspringa @ The Silverlake Lounge
Active Child, White Sea, Correatown @ The Echo
Sublime With Rome @ The Antelope Valley Fairgrounds

Wass Sappening! Thursday 8/4/11

4 08 2011

The Sounds, Walk the Walk @ The Huntington Beach Pier
Sister Crayon, Papercranes, Jenny O @ Exchange L.A
NASA Space Universe, Low Places, Pure Shit @ The Smell
Free Moral Agents, Vanaprasta @ The Detroit Bar
RX Bandits, Hot Toddies @ The Mayan Theater
Weezer @ The Pacific Amphitheater

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