Love Stain Spring Mix Tape 2012

4 05 2012

The filth buckets from The Love Stain have made a late Spring mix tape! These are some of our favorite tracks and audio snacks for Spring. Chomp into the mix below and spread the filth!

Jacuzzi Boys Launch Their European Campaign To Crush

19 01 2012

Jacuzzi Boy show demands a lot out of people. lots of sweat, stench and one fat dood with a Hawaiian shit screaming, “Just Flick It!” Well Europe, now its your chance to get filthy with the Jacuzzi Boys. The Florida natives are gearing up for a full-fledged invasion of Europe this spring. Tour dates include England, Germany, France and Italy. Read the rest of this entry »

Wass Sappening! Monday 1/9/12

9 01 2012

Seasons, Tenlons Fort, Judson, Kind Hearts and Coronets @ The Echo
NASA Space Universe, Green Screen Door, Gorgon Zoloft @ Pehrspace
The Devious Means, The Silent Comedy, Jameson @ Detroit Bar
Chasing Kings, The Young, Twilight Sleep @ The Satellite
Jacuzzi Boys, Van Hunt, Tycho @ Bardot
Princeton, TV Girl, LANME @ Bootleg
Brian Marquis @ Silverlake Lounge
Holy Ghost Rival @ The Slide Bar
Robert DeLong @ Los Globos

Wass Sappening! Thursday 1/5/2012

5 01 2012

Summer Darling, Birds and Batteries, Baron Von Luxury @ The Echo
Hanni El Khatib, Jacuzzi Boys, Tijuana Panthers @ Alex’s Bar
Rumspringa, Harlan, Noah & The Megafauna @ The Satellite
Wednesday 13, Aiden, Modern Day Escape @ Glass House
Stonefeather, Toy Bombs, King Devil @ Bootleg
Los Angeles Philharmonic @ Walt Disney Center
Tesla @ House Of Blues Anaheim

King Khan and The Shrines Tours The U.S. Once Again

27 12 2011

King Khan and The Shrines, the band we have obsessed over for years is doing a tour of the South East! The Shrines have lined up eight tour dates across the under belly of the U.S. as they make their way to The Bruise Cruise in Miami. King Khan and The Shrines will be touring with equally fucking awesome rock tards the Jacuzzi Boys. The closest Shrines date to Los Angeles; So quit your jobs and make a road trip to Austin. King Khan will fucking kill!

Jan 31st – Atlanta, GA – The Basement @ Graveyard Tavern
Feb 1st – Tallahassee, FL – Club Downunder
Feb 2nd – Birmingham, AL – Bottletree
Feb 3rd – New Orleans, LA – LBC Quad – Tulane University
Feb 4th – Austin, TX – The Mohawk
Feb 6th – Dallas, TX – Sons Of Hermann Hall
Feb 8th – Saint Augustine, FL – The Original Cafe 11
Feb 9th – Miami, FL – Bruise Cruise Kick-Off Party @ The Stage
Feb 10th-13th – Bruise Cruise

[Listen To This! ] Jacuzzi Boys – Christiane’s Tune

8 12 2011

Check out this kick ass new song from the Jacuzzi Boys. Word on the street it pre-dates Glazin. No word if singing vajay jay will bounce to this song.

The Love Stains 5 Best Videos Of 2011

8 12 2011

This is the time of year where most music rags start posting their “Best of 2011″bullshit. Blah blah blah this is great blah blah blah yeah we liked it blah blah fap fap fap. Well fuck, we have a best of list too. We are the best now go fuck off!

Here are the 5 best videos of 2011 according to us. Go Die. Read the rest of this entry »

[Spainkin Fresh] Jacuzzi Boys – Glazin

9 11 2011

Our love affair with the Jacuzzi Boys goes deep. We’re pretty sure part of the staff who have kids were conceived to a Jacuzzi Boys soundtrack. The Glazin video, which was made by fans of the band is actually censored. Bummer:


“So, this is the CENSORED version of the Glazin’ video. Believe it or not, the UNCENSORED version was being taken down for some of it’s pop culture references… not for the V’s! This version will finally stay up & the UNCENSORED version will FOREVER be floating around cyberspace for you to hunt down!” – Jacuzzi

We will find this video and bring it to you with an apple in its mouth. Meanwhile freak out to the sound and juicy lips above. P.S. We want to see what Homer looks like

Wass Sappening! Thursday 9/2911

29 09 2011

HOAX, Knife Fight, Neo Cons, Doctorshopper, Disapproval @ Division 9
Fool’s Gold, Tijuana Panthers, Allah Las @ The Troubadour
High Castle, I.E., This, Roses Jade Camellia @ The Smell
Braids, Pepper Rabbit, Painted Palms @ The Echo
Nouvelle Vague, Hugh Coltman @ The El Rey Theater
Jacuzzi Boys, Idiot Glee @ The Continental Room
Odd Future, Frank Zappa’s Pubes @ The Hollywood Palladium
AA Bondy, Nik Freitas @ The Bootleg

Jacuzzi Boys Set Up Gigantic 2011 Fall Tour

14 09 2011

The Jacuzzi Boys are one of those bands who instantly strike a chord with people of all ages. They simply rule. The Florida power pop trio is hitting the road this September for a massive U.S. tour spanning three months! They will be playing a few dates in Southern California. So if you miss them, punch yourself in the jejunum. Gander them peppers at the giant ass tour list downstairs. Read the rest of this entry »

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