Wass Sappening! Monday 11/14/11

14 11 2011

Senses Fail, Stick To Your Guns, Make Do And Mend @ The Glasshouse
Ema and the Ghosts, Hi Ho Silver Oh, The Finches @ Silverlake Lounge
Vanaprasta, Twilight Sleep, Empires @ The Satellite
The Chain Gang of 1974, Polaris At Noon @ The Echo
Cattle Decapitation, Bedlam Of Cacophony @ Slide Bar

Wass Sappening! Tuesday 8/6/11

6 09 2011

Sinner Sinners, Barrio Tiger, Black Murders @ The Redwood Bar
Ladybug Transistor, Red Pony Clock, Sea Lions @ The Satellite
James Browns Corpse Stealing Your Cable @ The Zombie Uprising
Chatham County Line, Hi Ho Silver Oh @ The Echo

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