Henry & Glenn Forever Issue #1

23 03 2012

Holy Homo life-mates Batman! Henry and Glenn Forever is coming out with a full length comic book! That’s right the buff punk hunx’s, Henry and Glenn, are coming to a comic stand near you. Art Collective, Igloo Tornado will be dropping the new comix in April with some “upcoming release parties in Portland, LA, Baltimore and San Francisco”

No Official release date for the comic has come out or the dates for the parties. All we know is somewhere out their Glenn is probably plotting to murder Igloo Tornado

28 02 2012

Henry + Glenn Wish You Happy Holidays

7 12 2011

Henry & Glenn Forever = Awesome Time

26 08 2011

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Silver Lake Jubilee Is A Lot Better Then The Rapture

19 05 2011

Hallelujah! The time has come my brothers and sisters! This Saturday we will all be saved! Saved from a boring ass Saturday! No we’re not talking about the make-believe. We’re talking about the age-old traditions of tossing half eaten pretzels at hipsters. Drinking way to much over priced brew and devouring questionable meats prepared by some guy nicknamed, Chewy. In other words, this Saturday Los Angeles celebrates Silver Lake Jubilee!
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