Wass Sappening! Thursday 7/28/11

28 07 2011

The Henry Clay People, Lady Danville @ The McHammer Museum
Black Elephant, Mister Loveless, The Smiles @ The Smell
Thurston Moore, Kurt Vile & the Violators @ The Troubadour
Danny Glover and Jim Norton Locked in a tigers cage @ Hayng’s Restaurant
Cults, Guards, Writer @ The Eagle Rock Center Of The Arts

Wass Sappening! Tuesday 7/27/11

27 07 2011

Cold Cave, Austra, Prurient @ L.A. Ukrainian Cultural Center
Eleanor Friedberger, Cloud Control @ The Satellite
Cults, Guards, Writer @ The Echo
Pool Honeys @ KSPC 88.7 FM
CJ Ramone @ The Key Club

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