Whats A Misanthrope?

24 05 2011

Extortion is coming for your blood this coming Monday. The Australian executioners are coming to beautiful Boyle Heights to smash everything in sight. For those of you who have seen Extortion in action you know this will be one hell of a mess. Extortion is a freak of nature; this is heavy, tough as nails hardcore that takes no prisoners. We here at the Love Stain are very excited for this show.

Last time Extortion played The Blvd half the writers to this website lost a tooth. If you work every Monday wishing you had a semi automatic high-powered assault riffle and round for each of your coworkers, please lift your finger off the trigger. Get in your car and race down to the show to let out some steam before you go all sicko on us. This show is going to be rowdy as tits. Bring the pain.

LOW PLACES Low Places 7″ Local Band Review

1 05 2011

LOW PLACES is straight unholy misanthropic hardcore. Guys come out of L.A. with raging sludgy-hardcore. They are an unrelenting onslaught of raw, hardcore noise.

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