This Band Will F*cking Kill You! Nice Face

20 12 2011

For a band that doesn’t even play live shows, Nice Face has a pretty rowdy following. Nice Face started out as a one man bedroom recording project by Ian Magee. The utter chaos in this mans brain has spilled out in to these valuable recordings and we are god damn thankful! Nice Face’s first LP “Immer Etwas” annihilates. Nice Face has released a handful of 7 inches and a limited edition 12 song cassette titled, “Nice Face. . . Can I Fuck It?”. Classy huh?

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This Band Will F*cking Kill You! Hanni El Khatib

11 12 2011

With elements of blues, garage rock, and doo-wop, you cant go wrong. Hanni El Khatib of Los angeles is currently playing on Ghetto blast at the stains dungeon. His debut album “Will The Guns Come Out” was released this September and since then he’s toured Europe, the States, and is about to go on tour in Australia for the new year. His cover of Human Fly fuckin rules. We’re sure Lux is grinning in his grave just like we are.

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Wass Sappening! Tuesday 9/27/11

27 09 2011

The Dead Ships, Ross Sea Party, Gentle Hands @ The Pleasure Club
Steve Earle and the Dukes, Allison Moorer @ The House Of Blues
J. Scott Bergman, Gun Runner, Michael Davis @ The Silverlake Lounge
Duran Duran, Neon Trees @ Club Nokia
Wax Poetics, Kings Go Forth @ The Echo
Soft Pipes, Oh Darling @ The Satellite
Dum Dum Girls @ Amoeba Records

This Band WIll F*cking Kill You! Cab 20

8 09 2011

So we know what your thinking, and we thought it too. Cab 20 is a weak name and it sounds like some 90’s high school ska band. If those were your thoughts your 1000% right BUT, Contrary to the less than impressive name, Cab 20 is being featured today because this band will and shall by all senses of the word, fucking tear you to pieces and you will be begging for more Read the rest of this entry »

This Band Will F*cking Kill You: Whatever Brains

19 07 2011


North Carolina’s Whatever Brains sounds like a chainsaw slicing through three tons of Beluga Whale in a Peruvian Sex Dungeon. In other words this band will tear your face off and hand it back to you in a doggie bag. Read the rest of this entry »

Get Rowdy, The Fuse! Wants Your Blood

28 06 2011

The Fuse Will Fucking Kill You! This band does not f@#% about, from the point a friend of the Stain forced us to pick up “The Fisherman’s Wife” LP many moons ago, we have been hooked. From the name of their album, to the trashed out Rock ”N” Roller guitar The Fuse! Aint nothing to f@#% with!
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This Band Will F*cking Kill You: Davila 666

25 05 2011

With a name like Davila 666 you would think these guys would be some demonic cult out of New Mexico, seducing virgins and impaling goats with their love guns or vice versa. Fortunately for us mortals, Davila 666 is not a cult, instead these cats are a cult band from down south and they are here for our souls. With a growing legion of 666 junkies following a two month conquest tour of the United States earlier this year; this band has been put on top of everyone’s radar and with good reason. These guys tear it up. This, fellow sleaze bags, this is what it’s all about. This is Davila 666. Read the rest of this entry »

This Band Will F*cking Kill You: SMART COPS

22 04 2011

If you never got a chance to see the band La Piovra tear shit up in your town, now is the time dust off that old suicide bullet. Lucky for you, you don’t have to pucker up your lips to a cold hard love gun. A few years back some of the members of La Piovra went on to form porno mustache inspired Smart Cops!

Smart Cops is the tits. They play fast, snotty, and relentless. They put out a two ruckus 7 inches out on Sorry State Records (Highly Recommended Label) that totally crush everything that’s going on in this style. Their first self titled completely hooks you in and the great thing is their new album doesn’t suck or sound likes a complete rip of their first releases! High five to evolution!

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