Eagle Rock Music Festival Announces 2011 Line Up

6 09 2011

The 13th annual Eagle Rock Music Festival has announced its massive line up featuring Gaslamp Killer, Flying Lotus, Rooney, Allah Las and Many more. The festival is bulging at the seams with talent like a fat chick in skinny jeans. Jump the shark to check out the full line up. Read the rest of this entry »

FYF Fest Post and Pre-Parties Get Underway With Touche Amore, Glass Candy, Dead Milkmen & Many More

2 09 2011

FYF Fest has been a working up a storm to bring L.A. another Fuck Yeah Fest. This years fest boasts a hefty line-up including Death From Above 1979, Descendents, Dead Milkmen, Explosions In They Sky, Cults, and many more. With that said, the price for FYF has gone way up! If you’re short on funds, FYF has set up 2 individual pre-shows and 3 post shows featuring many of the bands performing at the this years festival.

Check out the full line up of Pre and Post shows bellow the belt. Read the rest of this entry »

Los Angeles’ Radio Station KROQ Leaks New Red Hot Chili Peppers Single “The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie”

18 07 2011

If you live in Southern California, you have heard the Red Hot Chili Peppers spill out of your radio on 106.7 FM at least 345 billion times over the last 20 years. If your anything like us, you want to stab a very sharp dildo into your ear to make the pain of stale radio playlists stop. We get it, Red Hot Chili Peppers is a great band and Give It Away is a great song from 1991. Its 2011 mother fuckers lets keep the rock-n-roll playlist flowing. Read the rest of this entry »

Howling At The Moon

9 06 2011

The best things in life are fee. Especially when you have .24 cents in your bank account, eat nothing but cup of noodles and hitch hike to work every day. This Saturday in the Pomona, Ca Art colony there’s a block party happening but not any block party a free block party!
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Whats A Misanthrope?

24 05 2011

Extortion is coming for your blood this coming Monday. The Australian executioners are coming to beautiful Boyle Heights to smash everything in sight. For those of you who have seen Extortion in action you know this will be one hell of a mess. Extortion is a freak of nature; this is heavy, tough as nails hardcore that takes no prisoners. We here at the Love Stain are very excited for this show.

Last time Extortion played The Blvd half the writers to this website lost a tooth. If you work every Monday wishing you had a semi automatic high-powered assault riffle and round for each of your coworkers, please lift your finger off the trigger. Get in your car and race down to the show to let out some steam before you go all sicko on us. This show is going to be rowdy as tits. Bring the pain.

California Discord Fest Will Tear Your Face Off

23 05 2011

Its official ghouls and gals, Mange will be playing California Discord Fest! The highly illusive band featuring members of Dystopia and Phobia will be playing CDF and perhaps a few other places. For those of you have haven’t heard Mange, Mange fucking obliterates. Heavy slashed tempo hatred sludge fits tight in every beat, growling vocals and a whole lot of loud. In short this shit is loaded with misanthropy. Listen to some audio hate by Mange HERE
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Silver Lake Jubilee Is A Lot Better Then The Rapture

19 05 2011

Hallelujah! The time has come my brothers and sisters! This Saturday we will all be saved! Saved from a boring ass Saturday! No we’re not talking about the make-believe. We’re talking about the age-old traditions of tossing half eaten pretzels at hipsters. Drinking way to much over priced brew and devouring questionable meats prepared by some guy nicknamed, Chewy. In other words, this Saturday Los Angeles celebrates Silver Lake Jubilee!
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Local Jamz: Shadowrunners “808-Bit Revenge”

18 05 2011

808-Bit Revenge Artwork

Oh, fucking christ! If you like fucking SNES/GAMEBOY/N64/ALL THAT NERD SHIT theme songs (which we do here at The Love Stain) you’ll bite into this shit and want more. These cats, SHADOWRUNNERS CLICK (Himself the Majestic and Froskees) from the greater L.A. area, release their album 808 Bit Revenge. Read the rest of this entry »

Rage Against The Machine To Play L.A. Coliseum

11 05 2011

Last month Rage Against The Machine and Goldenvoice announced vaguely that Rage will be playing somewhere in Los Angeles. Well folks the news is out and that somewhere is The Coliseum and the show is L.A. Rising.
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California Discord Fest Changes Venue

9 05 2011

There hasn’t been a huge all hardcore punk fest in Los Angeles for a few months now and people are starting to get restless leg syndrome, meth teeth, and anxiety attacks. Good thing for us, we have all been saved by power chords, duck butter, and the California Discord Fest 2011.

California Discord Fest 2011 (CDF) is a two-day punk endurance test on Saturday September 24th and Sunday September 25th. CDF’S confirmed line up: DropDead, Rattus, Ghoul, Resistant Culture, Bloody Phoenix, Coaccion, Lack of Interest, Murder Construct, Bumblaatt, Massakro, and Inglewood’s finest Despise You.
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