FREE SMUT! Melvins The Bulls and The Bees EP

16 03 2012


6 02 2012

We pop a warm, rubbery one for College Radio. It’s a thing we got. We also pop an equally shiny nob for free shows. So when we heard Los Angeles’ AM sonic blasters, KXSC, is throwing a free party we got excited. On Saturday Feb 25th, Starfucker, Nosaj Thing, White Fence, TRMRS, Only You, and Fiore will be playing KXSC Fest. Check it out and support local radio.

We Quit!

28 10 2011

Not really, but we are checking out for a week to do lots of drugs and see The Damned…Everybody Get Naked!

Davila 666 Plays A Secret Taping In NYC

18 07 2011

MTV Iggy (insert Stooges joke here) is giving 50 people a shot to be in a live Davila 666 taping this Wednesday (July 20th). The not so secret secret taping is going on in New York City and is 21+ (Sorry little dudes) Read the rest of this entry »

Stream The New Horrors Album “Skying”

8 07 2011

On July 5th XL Recordings unleashed The Horrors “Still Life” video from their brand spanking new album “Skying”. The video, directed by Oliver Murray, is one of the more eye catching videos released this year. The Horrors will be in Southern California for 4 jam packed shows at The Glass House in Pomona, The Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa, The El Rey Theater Los Angeles, and The Cashbah in San Diego.

If you haven’t already ripped the album from some seedy underbelly of the internet by now, you can stream The Horrors entire new album “Skying” right here

See folks your day is already looking up

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