Moon Block Party 2012

26 04 2012

Moon Block Party returns to the Pomona Arts Colony for a day of awesome. The 2nd annual Moon Block Party has announced the first of a very long list of artists this week. Fool’s Gold, Sleepy Sun, Crystal Antlers, Allah Las, Electric Flower Group, Dahga Bloom, Incan Abraham, Strangers Family Band, and JuJu have ass been announced as the first wave sonic atrocities to grace to stage.

After what we saw at Desert Daze, we cant wait to see what is in store for this years block party. Get excited.

Meanwhile in Chicago

26 04 2012

[Stinky Fresh] Radar Eyes – Summer Chills

26 04 2012

[Spankin Fresh] Dahga Bloom – Space Is The Place

16 04 2012

Dahga Bloom gets their cosmic on in “Space is the Place”. Fiending for more space cakes? Check out Dahga Bloom, Dead Meadow, Cosmonauts, and Dirt Dress at the 10th day of Desert Daze this Saturday.

[Spankin Fresh] OFF! – Wiped Out

11 04 2012

[Spankin Fresh] Mean Jeans – Is Anybody Out There

11 04 2012

Mean Jeans in Outer Space! Aliens must be going ape shit right now.

The Black Lips are Sick of You

11 04 2012

The Black Lips either keep getting better or worse. Either way, they are still making dripping wet music to make you do disgusting things. The Black Lips dropped a new single “Sick of You” for you to get sloppy. Check out the new track right here

[Spankin Fresh] Ty Segall & White Fence – Scissor People

11 04 2012

Get Nasty With Frantix Jubilee

10 04 2012

Part time Love Stain smut peddler and radio loud mouth, DJ Flesh Sweat is having a little shin dig presented by Choc Ivana and The Love Stain. Flesh Sweat’s new radio show, “Frantix Jubilee” will be launching into filthmania at KSPC 88.7 FM in May. Come out to the show and get your nasty on with Flesh Sweat and Choc Ivana in the buff with musical guests Cab 20, Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel, The Pool Honeys, Black Elephant and Natures Son.

Click to poster for the event page. ohhhh and tell your friends or you’re an L7 Wienie

[Spankin Fresh] King Tuff – Bad Thing

4 04 2012

Spit out that Juicy Fruit and Shake your tail Feathers like Marty McFly. Here’s some new King Tuff to get you through the day.

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