Twenty Wonder Returns!

21 06 2012

TwentyWonder returns to Los Angeles for another amazing night of roller derby, laughs, and music. This mind-blowing fundraiser for the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles stacks the thrills high. Twenty Wonder is a mosh pit of all that is awesome. This eclectic fundraiser combines art, music, science, and comedy to create thee must go event of the summer. We love Twenty Wonder, this rocking event has it all and this year is no different.

This years line up of performances and attractions include: Lucha VaVoom, L.A. Derby Dolls Vs. San Diego Derby Dolls, The Watson Twins, Lynda Kay and Tic Tac Toe with Steve O! Tic Tac Toe with Steve O!!! Let the awesomeness begin!

TwentyWonder will be taking place at The Doll Factory, home to the L.A. Derby Dolls on Saturday July 7th. Tickets for this extravaganza are on sale now. pick yours up right !HERE! and support this great cause! All proceeds benefit individuals born with Down Syndrome living in the greater Los Angeles area.

Check out the full list of performers and attractions below the belt.

The Main Event

Los Angeles vs. San Diego Derby Dolls
— in an All-Star Roller Derby Grudge Match for Charity!


Joel Hodgson — Creator of Mystery Science Theater 3000
Lucha VaVOOM – Mexican Masked Wrestling & Saucy Burlesque
Jacksh*t — The World’s Greatest House Band
Dave Alvin — American Music Maker Of The Highest Degree


Artist Tim Biskup & the Makers at Tierra Del Sol
Lynda Kay – Pop, Rock and Rockabilly Recording Artist
Wayne White — Artist and heavyweight creative champ
Tic Tac Toe with Steve O!
The Watson Twins – Alternative Country and Indie Folk Singers
The Section Quartet – World’s Coolest String Quartet
Tom Woodruff — “Dueling Prosthesthis” with Oscar-winning makeup artist


Shari Asplund — JPL/NASA space projects educator
Kids of Whitney High — Super sonics from special musicians
Joseph Masiero/Spitzer Science Images — Looking for asteroids
Chris Mirabel — Marine biologist
Mat Plendl — World’s foremost hula hoop artist
RVIP Lounge — A 32-foot dream on 4 rockin wheels
RyTron 3000 (Ryan Falkner) — Shadow boxing ‘n bustin’ moves
David “Super Collider” Saltzberg, PhD — DIY physics lesson
Eban Schletter — The future’s greatest theremin player
Sock Puppet Sitcom Theater — Will be present and washed
The Atamian Collection — Insects to amuse and awe
Arthur Benjamin – Mathemagician and TED conference favorite
Dolores Bozovic, PhD
The Hollywood ATI Gorilla — A technological wonder uncaged
SuperBall/TwentyWonder Mini-Museum — Event history
A signed Fender guitar by 11-Time Grammy-winning group the Foo Fighters
Minimum bid starts at $750.00
Value: $3,000.00
Bidding starts on on June 21, 2012

RAFFLE ITEMS at the Doll Mall @ The Doll Factory
Foo Fighters Bundle of Memorabilia
Tim Biskup Limited Edition Print
Shepard Fairey Artist Proof Print
Wayne White TWENTY WONDER Limited Edition Print
Exene (of X) original art

Raffle tickets are $5.00 each. All proceeds from the auction and raffle will benefit DSALA.



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