This Band Will F*cking Kill You! The Band In Heaven

15 02 2012

The Band in Heaven is fresh, hypnotizing and more importantly dangerous. The racket this Florida four piece exudes is pure, unadulterated, hedonism. It is hard-hitting and unapologetic. It is everything you need. The Band in Heaven kicks you in the face and drag you into the deep-end with murky guitar riffs that have you gushing for more. Ghouls and Gals, sharpen your teeth and take a bite out of, The Band In Heaven.

It’s not to often we get spoon feed an amazing record. But, The Band in Heaven’s self titled is jaw dropping. “Sleazy Dreams”, the first track off the record, may sound minimalistic, but through the pulsating distortion, Sleazy Dreams is the soundtrack to excess. Whether it’s a straw filled with rocks or an empty bed covered in sweat. Sleazy Dreams, breathes heavily with sonic gluttony.

Every note strummed by this bands feels like a warm punch to the belly. Knocking the wind out you before you know what hit yah. The entire record feels like a trip down the rabbits hole. This is not music for those of you who want to put things into categories. It’s for people who want to escape into oblivion with the blind fold on. If you’re searching for phonic ecstasy, The Band In Heaven delivers it on a silver platter. Now, Eat up.

Keep an eye out for The Band In Heaven at SXSW. They will be playing the HoZac Showcase this year at the festival. You can also get your greedy mugs on Their 7inch right here



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