This Band Will F*cking Kill You! Nice Face

20 12 2011

For a band that doesn’t even play live shows, Nice Face has a pretty rowdy following. Nice Face started out as a one man bedroom recording project by Ian Magee. The utter chaos in this mans brain has spilled out in to these valuable recordings and we are god damn thankful! Nice Face’s first LP “Immer Etwas” annihilates. Nice Face has released a handful of 7 inches and a limited edition 12 song cassette titled, “Nice Face. . . Can I Fuck It?”. Classy huh?

With songs like “exterminator”, how can you not dig this band?! Surprisingly, “Exterminator” is not a nick-name for Ian’s penis.Turns out, the song is about one of worlds most favorite dictators… Stalin! The giant penis art on the cover of the 7 inch is completely unrelated to the song according to Ian.

Nice Face’s new album “Horizon Fires” is due early 2012 just in time for the end of the world! Check it out via Hozac Records.



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