Chaos In Tejas Drops Teaser Line Up!

9 12 2011

Chaos In Tejas fucking kills, every year they deliver and this year is new different. Promoters of the Austin punk fest just released a teaser flyer for 2012’s, Chaos In Tejas. Included in the line up is The Mob, The Varukers, Ghoul, Ice Age, Best Coast, Antisect, Double Negative and the newly reformed Tear It Up. We are really excited for tear it up. Its what fucked up our hearing when we were 14 its what whats gonna fuck up our hearing in June.

The teaser list is only 30 bands deep. Chaos in Tejas will have a total of 100+ bands! Yeah motherfucker, 100+. Its gonna be insane and we are possitive some drunk punk will puke on us… A lot. We cant wait. Ticket go on sale real soon. We’ll get back to you on the details and the rest of the line up. Chaos is May 31st through June 4th

P.S. Career Suicide better play this fest or we will smear human feces’s all over each stage. You have been warned Chaos.



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