[Seriously Man What The Fuck!] The King Of Pop’s Death Bed Hits The Auction Block.

9 11 2011

Its been a golden age for weird as fuck celebrity auctions, John Lennon tooth fetching close to $32,000 last week, Ebay hawks up Jeff Bridges paintings for charity and Nicholas Cage sells his soul for 10 bux so someone could give a shit about his movies It’s a weird world out there. As much as we fucking hate Nicholas Cage, this might be even more creepy. You can now throw dollar dollar bills at Michael Jackson’s Death Bed. Yeah…gross.

This might actually take the creepy rich bastard award. If you got the cash you can snatch up the King Of Pop’s death-bed. This of course so happens right after Conrad Murray’s guilty conviction in the death of the singer, cheeky bastards.

The queen sized bed will be auctioned off by Juliens Auction’s in spite of protest from the Jackson family. So if you got the cash and want to sleep on some old dead creepy dudes bed, hit up the auction. Fight or dance Michael… fight or dance.



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