The Damned Gets A Documentary

26 10 2011

Well its about damn time! We love The Damned, and if you don’t you’re a twit and you should be euthanized for being so stupid. Besides being an amazing band for 35 years and still playing clubs all over the world, this band has something to say. According to the Damned’s official website they will the focus on a new documentary.

The Director of “Lemmy” is going on tour with The Damned to celebrate and document the bands 35 year anniversary tour. Wes Orshoski will be filming the band as they snake there way to the west coast. The film which has yet to be named will combine new footage with old and interviews with the band.

“I’m incredibly honored to be working with a band who I feel has registered as an immeasurable impact on artists from across the musical spectrum,I feel like the Damned’s story and the scope of the band’s influence has gone largely unnoticed by the masses, especially in America. And I’m hoping my film will help right that wrong.”

Captain Sensible, Guitarist for The Damned for 35 years had this to say about the upcoming film:

“It seems like every other scumbag who was ever in a punk band got a film made about them, now it’s our turn, and at least we have some real stories to tell. Hopefully, this will cause a bit of a stink, but that’s what it was always supposed to do”

The Damned will be playing Slims in San Francisco this Saturday and the crew at lovestain will be checking out of the dungeon to go get stupid with the damned up north. We will return to duty after we are done puking are brains out. Cheers.



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