This Band WIll F*cking Kill You! Cab 20

8 09 2011

So we know what your thinking, and we thought it too. Cab 20 is a weak name and it sounds like some 90’s high school ska band. If those were your thoughts your 1000% right BUT, Contrary to the less than impressive name, Cab 20 is being featured today because this band will and shall by all senses of the word, fucking tear you to pieces and you will be begging for more

Hailing from smog infested Southern California, Cab 20 is a beast of a band. Loud, Skilled, Energetic, and Relentless. These dudes bring it as if they were forced too at gun point; hard-hitting riffs, pounding beats, and some really banging bass lines.

These dudes play straight up rock ‘n roll. If your rolling your eyes at that statement, Shut up and listen to these guys! They kick out the jams with their amps set on “FUCK YOUR EARDRUMS” mode, and with their blues/early Motorhead style its a welcoming sound when so much out there is a lot of bullshit.

Cab 20 has released a killer 4 song ep called The Cactus EP and you can download the whole thing for free. Do it. You will not be disappointed. If your in the Los Angeles area and happen to see these guys on a flyer don’t hesitate to see live. They are explosive live and you will thank em’ for destroying your hearing.

We’re looking forward to see what else this band has up their sleeves



2 responses

11 05 2012
Alan Arbelaez

can you post the link for the free copy? i only see an option to buy, unless they want to sell it now, which is fucking stupid if they gave it away for free already.

11 05 2012
Love Stain Staff Slave

Message Cab 20 at their facebook. Its been a few months since they took the free ep down. oh and tell them we said hi

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