Iggy Pop’s Broken Foot Forces The Stooges Too Postpone West Coast Tour

6 09 2011

The unbreakable rubber man that is Iggy Pop has finally meet his Achilles heel, ROMANIA! On August 27th, the latex singer broke two bones in one of his foot after rocking out at a concert in the land of vampires. The injury has forced Pop his September West Coast Dates anywhere from six to eight weeks.

The legendary rocker, broke his foot while slamming hard onto a mic stand during “Search and Destroy”. The Stooges finished the show but Mike Watt, The Stooges current bassist was amazed how Iggy dealt so good with the pain:

“Every time he looks back I can see a motherfuckin’ GIANT HURT flailing through him, He is driven w/a courage I am totally in awe of. He is gonna work this fucking gig no matter what.”

A broken foot aint no joke at any age but Especially when 64 years old, done enough drugs to put Charlie Sheen to shame and qualify for most senior discounts, Shit really blows. Iggy Pop isn’t happy that he has the postpone the shows even though he needs too. In a statement off The stooges official page he voiced his anger at the whole situation:

“I hate this, I hate like hell to cancel or postpone anything, I only saw the doctor because it hurt so ******* much and I couldn’t fix it myself. Please be patient, I am so excited about these dates on the left coast.”

Iggy and The Stooges will be performing in the west coast sometime in October/November



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