Sunset Junction Gets Canned! Los Angeles City Officials Deny Permits for The Two Day Music Extravaganza… Bummer

24 08 2011

In a shocking turn of event, The Sunset Junction Music Festival has just been cancelled! The Annual music festival has run into a permanent road block when the Los Angeles Board of Public Works have denied all permits for this weekends event. This killing blow follows a month long battle between concert promoters, funds, and the city of Los Angeles.

Festival which boasted a line up featuring The Melvins, Butthole Surfers, Charles Bradley, Dum Dum Girls, The Grolwers, 400 blows and many more has been officially cancelled. In a month long rollercoaster ride music fans across Los Angeles County are finding out that Sunset Junction is a no go. After the Board Of Public Works stamped a $141,000 price tag to cover city permits and fines for the event, The Sunset Junction Promoters went to the aid of Live Nation.

Live Nation the countries largest concert promotions company, came to the aid of the injured Sunset Junction with a $100,000 dollar loan. According to the LA Times

“The Board of Public Works, unanimously turned aside desperate pleas from festival promoters to provide the proper permits after the group failed to show up with a check for $141,000 to cover this year’s fees”

Instead of providing a $141,000 check, the Sunset Junction promoters sent a fax showing that they just had a bank deposit of a $100 grand which was the rushed load from Live Nation.

“Board president Andrea Alarcon called the group’s response a disappointment. “This is not an indication to me … that any funds will be available for issuance of a check to support the special events permit,” she said. “I do see a deposit of $100,000, but that doesn’t mean a whole lot”

The Board Of Public Works unanimously gave Sunset Junction promoters the figurative finger and denied all permits for the event. In a statement released earlier today by Sunset Junction organizers, event promoters are assuring to fans that the show must go on!

“Sunset Junction wishes to sincerely thank all of its friends and supporters who attended the Board of Public Works hearing this morning on our behalf. Your support is greatly appreciated and highly valued. Our intention is to show the City of LA that Sunset Junction is a committed and reliable partner, who continues to contribute to the Silverlake community year-round, along with producing one of the most anticipated and historic fairs in Los Angeles for 31 years. We want the fans to know that no bands have cancelled. We remain optimistic that we will reach our goal and we’re diligently making every effort posssible to move forward with Sunset Junction this weekend.”

For now Sunset Junction will go silent this weekend. Well keep you updated as this story continues to unfold.



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