Amy Winehouse’s London Home Looted

11 08 2011

Its time to start scouring Ebay for Amy Winehouse’s personal affections. Amy Winehouse’s home has been reportedly ransacked and a number of Winehouse’s property have been stolen from the deceased singer’s home London home.

According to the English publication The Sun, an unknown amount of Amy Winehouse’s personal property has allegedly been pillaged.

Winehouse’s father, Mitch is “livid” at the situation and is accusing an acquaintance of lifting the items from Amy’s home. Since the starts death in July, the entire house has been deemed a crime scene and has been under tight security.

To make matter worse, items stolen include Amy’s beloved guitars and two lyric books containing unreleased material.

“This is such a sickening shock to the family. That someone would stoop so low. They can’t get their heads around it. Mitch is livid. The family, record label and management are months away from deciding what to do with any unreleased music.For that to be taken out of their hands is horrible.” said a source close to the Winehouse circle.

“Mitch is willing to give whoever has stolen the items a chance to do the right thing and put them back so it doesn’t have to get messy.”

No arrests have been made in the theft allegations.



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