Jack White’s Third Man Records Releases Live Full Length Davila 666 Album

27 07 2011

In early March, Davila 666 was on the warpath through Nashville when they stopped by Jack White’s all vinyl record store, studio and record label, Third Man Records. After a lightning hot set and 5 months fast forwarded into the present, Davila 666 Live at Third Man Records is out!

The Album, produced by Jack White and recorded in analog, is part of Third Man’s Live at Third Man Records Series. The Series also includes Rock N’ Roll extravaganzas By Reggie Watts, Nobunny, 5,6,7,8’s, Drive by Truckers, and even Conan O’Brien. The Davila 666 Record is now up for grabs via the Nashville record label . The 12″ slab of wax features all the live tracks played by Davila 666 on March 6th. You can order a copy of the record via the Third Man Records interwebs site over ————-> HERE!

We will be snagging a copy of this and giving a full review sometime in August.



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