Shannon and The Clams Get Added To Gonerfest 2011

15 07 2011

If your not packing your car filled with sleazy greasy friends, mountains of booze, and enough gas to reach Memphis for this years Gonerfest, your doing something wrong with your life. The 8th annual rock n roll extravaganza curated by Goner Records is back with a vengeance.

Oakland dream boat rockers, Shannon and the Clams, have been added to this years explosive Gonerfest. The 35 plus line up includes The Gories, Jack Oblivion and The Limes, Sex Cult, Mean Jeans, Human Eye, and Ty Segall who returns to rock Memphis for another year.

Gonerfest blows up September 22nd though the 25th at Hi-Tone Cafe. Check out the ridiculous line up below, tickets are on sale right HERE! Get Ruthless!

Gories (Detroit, MI)
Reverend John Wilkins (Memphis, TN)
Ty Segall (SF, CA)
OBN IIIs (Austin, TX)
Alarm Clocks (Cincinnatti, OH)
Royal Headache (Australia)
Hans Condor (Nashville, TN)
Shannon & The Clams (Oakland, CA)
Sex Cult (Memphis, TN)
Straight Arrows (Australia)
Ryan Rousseau (Desert, Arizona)
Coasting (Brooklyn, NY)
Sharp Balloons (Memphis, TN)
Icky Boyfriends (SF, CA)
Mean Jeans (Portland, OR)
James Arthur’s Manhunt (Desert, Texas)
Midnight Snaxxx (Oakland, CA)
Harlan T Bobo’s Fuzz (Memphis, TN)
Real Numbers (Minneapolis, MN)
True Sons Of Thunder (Memphis,TN)
Missing Monuments (New Orleans, LA)
Outdoorsmen (SF, CA)
Kitchen’s Floor (Australia)
Pity Fucks (Portland, OR)
Football (Chicago, IL)
Cyclops (???)
Shirks (Washington DC)
Human Eye (Detroit, MI)
Deaf Wish (Australia)
Brides (Chicago, IL)
Black Sunday (Memphis, TN)
Jam Messengers (Hawaii / Brazil)



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