Former Queens of the Stone Age Bassist Arrested After Standoff With S.W.A.T

13 07 2011

When you’re a rock star and the shit hits the fan, it really hits the fan! Former Queens of the Stone Age Bassist, Nick Oliveri was arrested last night outside his home after an intense four-hour standoff with S.W.A.T. Police were called to the scene when neighbors reported a domestic disturbance between Oliveri and his girlfriend.

According to Police, Nick Oliveri’s girlfriend began moving out of Oliveri’s home after he allegedly struck her the night before. After another heated argument, Nick locked himself up with his girlfriend inside their Hollywood duplex refusing to let her leave.

After refusing to let officers in, all hell broke loose and S.W.A.T was called. Two hours later Oliver released his girlfriend to police. Oliveri would later turn himself in two hours later. Police discovered a loaded high-powered rifle at the scene of the incident.

Oliveri is being held on a staggering $100,000 dollar bail for felony domestic violence and false imprisonment



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