Awesome Fest 5 Tickets Go On Sale

29 06 2011

There’s a lot of things happening this Labor Day weekend, if you’re in San Diego there’s only one place you should be heading out too, it’s called Awesome Fest 5. Awesome Fest 5 is a completely DIY volunteer run 3 day fest with no corporate sponsors, no overpriced booze, and no bullshit. Just the way we like it.

Awesome Fest is held between four venues across San Diego, unfortunately youngsters are not allowed, this fest is strictly 21+…. Bummer. This year’s Awesome Fest includes The Bananas, Tilt Wheel, M.O.T.O, Mean Jeans, White Wires, Lenguas Largas, The Underground Railroad To Candy Land, and The Soviets. How kick ass is that?

Check out this killer line up if you like punk… scratch that if you just like having fun, which you do, check this out. Tickets for Awesome Fest 5 are still up for grabs so check out, Awesome Fest 5’s website for more info on all things Awesome Fest.



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11 07 2011

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