Get Rowdy, The Fuse! Wants Your Blood

28 06 2011

The Fuse Will Fucking Kill You! This band does not f@#% about, from the point a friend of the Stain forced us to pick up “The Fisherman’s Wife” LP many moons ago, we have been hooked. From the name of their album, to the trashed out Rock ”N” Roller guitar The Fuse! Aint nothing to f@#% with!


The Fisherman’s Wife which for you history nerds out there is one of the first Japanese ink block painting to aggressively show explicit bestiality. In other words its 19th century crazy anime porn. What is it with the Japanese and Tentacles?

This little fun fact already sets the Fuse! Apart from a lot of what’s going on out there in the “New Garage Revival” whatever that means. The Fuse plays fast and catchy beats. With so many kicks in every track you could swear you were ingesting audio cocaine.

The Fuse don’t play live much, by much I mean never. For you mothertruckers who have waited for ever for these guys to play, the wait is over. The Fuse! will be playing a free show with long beach favorites Crystal Antlers and the Crystal Antlers Residency at The Echo on Monday July 25th.

Something tells us someone is going to get their head kicked in.



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