FYF Fest Announces Long Anticipated Line Up!

15 06 2011

The wait is over boys and girls; the hipster Woodstock is back in action! After a week of constant hints and teases from promoters, the long running indie/punk FYF Fest has finally announced there long awaited and speculated line up. The word on the street is “Dude F@$%ing Hell Yeah!”

Let us drop our jaws and gently drool at this ridiculous and terrific line up: Descendents, Dead Milkmen, Kid Dynamite, Cults, Cold War Kids, Guided by Voices, Broken Social Scene, Ty Segall, Death From Above 1979 and so many more it will make your head spin.

FYF Fest has assured concert goers, that many of problems experienced at last year’s show will not happen! This includes the limited food trucks, long wait lines for fans, more entrances, and a rapid line for press so they can snap all those fancy photos (press cats were super whinny last year trust us we know).

This year’s FYF Fest have moved to the “improved location” right next to L.A. city hall. Tickets go on sale for the event on June 17th and tickets start at 35 buxs but if you want to be fancy you can pick up some V.I.P tickets.

FYF Fest has always been able to deliver a solid line up and this year they tip of a hat from us. Good Job!



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