This Band Will F*cking Kill You: Davila 666

25 05 2011

With a name like Davila 666 you would think these guys would be some demonic cult out of New Mexico, seducing virgins and impaling goats with their love guns or vice versa. Fortunately for us mortals, Davila 666 is not a cult, instead these cats are a cult band from down south and they are here for our souls. With a growing legion of 666 junkies following a two month conquest tour of the United States earlier this year; this band has been put on top of everyone’s radar and with good reason. These guys tear it up. This, fellow sleaze bags, this is what it’s all about. This is Davila 666.

Hailing from the commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Davila 666 has been somewhat of enigma for most folks including us. How the fuck is this band so good? And more importantly, how do they stay fresh in what is more than often a genre saturated with mediocrity. Davila 666 is what old people and the terminally ill should be listening to as they get ready to kick the bucket, fun as fuck rock n roll. And please don’t let the fucking bottom feeders till you this is garage rock. This is not garage rock, not punk rock, and no, not even menudo. This is rock n roll.

Formed in 2005, Davila 666 spits out hooks like their Charlie the Tuna. Every lick on every song has an arsenal of catchiness that puts the Oscar Mayer wiener jingle to shame. We got our first taste of Davila 666 when one of our smut peddlers interviewed them last year. These guys are champs, very nice dudes that play hard and party harder. From what we can recall of the interview, they were really into King Taco. That rules.

This February, Davila 666 put out Tan Bajo, Their sophomore follow up to their incredible self titled released on In The Red Records in 2008. Tan Bajo is ruckus, fun and exciting everything an album needs to be. Currently the band is on the road towards Europe stopping at Primavera Sound in Spain alongside amazing bands such as Autolux, Ty Segal, The Black Angels and a pretty much about anyone else you can think off.

If you every see Davila 666 on a flyer near your town. Go to their show, they don’t disappoint. Even if you have ditch work, ditch your lover, or ditch you’re your second uncles funeral don’t miss this band. Davila 666 will tear you a new one and you will thank em for it.

– Besos Y Odio



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