California Discord Fest Will Tear Your Face Off

23 05 2011

Its official ghouls and gals, Mange will be playing California Discord Fest! The highly illusive band featuring members of Dystopia and Phobia will be playing CDF and perhaps a few other places. For those of you have haven’t heard Mange, Mange fucking obliterates. Heavy slashed tempo hatred sludge fits tight in every beat, growling vocals and a whole lot of loud. In short this shit is loaded with misanthropy. Listen to some audio hate by Mange HERE

California Discord Fest has also added Holocaust, Diatribe, Destroy Judas, Destroyed in Seconds, Diminishing Devices, and Temple of Dagon. These additions culminates most of the CDF’s announced line up with exception of the winners of the “battle of the bands” (Which best be fucking Duke Nukem Forever or We will violently hurl human feces at The Vortex!) and a very “special guest” who we presume will be Menudo and/or Chamillionaire. And yes, that’s Deebo in that vid Craig!

All and all CDF has one of the most solid line ups for a punk fest in years! This will be one hell of a brutal event. Despise You alone brings so much hurt we can already feel the bruises forming. Dropdead and Rattus at this point seem like icing on your bud cake. CDF tickets are now available after the short technical difficulties that occurred on Friday.

Each day of the event has still yet be fleshed out on which bands are playing what days. All we know right now is that Rattus will be playing Saturday September 24th and Dropdead will be playing Sunday September 25th. If you’re an eager beaver you can get your greedy little mugs on a two-day pass or a single pass overrrrrrr heeeeerrrreeeee ————> TICKETS.



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