Silver Lake Jubilee Is A Lot Better Then The Rapture

19 05 2011

Hallelujah! The time has come my brothers and sisters! This Saturday we will all be saved! Saved from a boring ass Saturday! No we’re not talking about the make-believe. We’re talking about the age-old traditions of tossing half eaten pretzels at hipsters. Drinking way to much over priced brew and devouring questionable meats prepared by some guy nicknamed, Chewy. In other words, this Saturday Los Angeles celebrates Silver Lake Jubilee!

We know what you’re thinking “Fuck Silver Lake!” We get you! We understand when you’re driving through Silver Lake you’re playing a sadistic game of dodge ball in your head. As much as you want to mow down massive amounts of bike mobs with your 2 tons of imported rust, you refrain. Teeth gnawing like a four-week “bad habit” you let your foot ease off the gas. Eyes bulging out of your head, frustration reaching fever pitch; its days like this you wish you had a paintball gun and a loudspeaker. We get you!

And as much as most folks are annoyed by bicyclists, Tom Shoes, and V neck T-shirts. We are suckers for charity events. And the Silver Lake Jubilee is one of the few times you would want to step into hipsville USA. The Silver Lake Jubilee is an annual street festival/fundraiser hosted by the good folks at the Los Angeles Arts & Athletics Alliance, a nonprofit group who supports lifetime involvement in the arts and athletics. The festival is stocked full of great local bands, artists, and comedians as well as an army of food trucks. Awww food trucks….

This year Silver Lake Jubilee will feature bastard art showcases from I Will Destroy You, the artists that brought you America’s favorite domestic partnership, Henry and Glenn Forever. Comedians J Chris Newburg, Mark Ellis, Tig Notaro, Jodi Miller, and many more, literature readings, and other community nonprofits such as The Hollywood Sunset Free Clinic.

Silver Lake Jubilee is above all things a huge showcase of local Southern California artists. Great local bands like Dante Vs Zombies, Love Grenades, and Crystal Antlers will be tearing up the stage at this year’s event. Dante Vs Zombies plays some spit out garage soul that tears down the walls and the singer of this band looks eerily close to Lux Interior, No bullshit. There will be over 30 bands performing and to make things even better, the folks at Silver Lake Jubilee even made a mix tape for the world to hear. Actually there’s no tape but check out their digital playlist here

Silver Lake Jubilee is sure to be one hell of a weekend. Tickets are still available for the event and are only 5 bux, so head down there and splurge you’re hard earned feds on a cool fundraiser.



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