Local Jamz: Shadowrunners “808-Bit Revenge”

18 05 2011

808-Bit Revenge Artwork

Oh, fucking christ! If you like fucking SNES/GAMEBOY/N64/ALL THAT NERD SHIT theme songs (which we do here at The Love Stain) you’ll bite into this shit and want more. These cats, SHADOWRUNNERS CLICK (Himself the Majestic and Froskees) from the greater L.A. area, release their album 808 Bit Revenge.

Let me start off with how amazing this cover art is. It definitely sets the tone of the album — Himself and Froskees looking extremely buff like they just came off the front cover of Contra.  This shit is BEASTLY!, just like their music.  It starts off directly with the sickest fucking Pokemon beat in “Gary Oak Swag,” which is rife with nerd-esque references (ADAMANTIUM? ZAPDOS? The name itself, FUCKING GARY OAK, MAN!). Froskees lays out the beats clean as tits (some of my favorites: Gary Oak, Organ Grinder and King Dethroned) for Himself to throw his flows in. These two cats are more or less misanthropic geniuses.

      Onward through their album, it’s noticeable that these guys put a lot of thought into this. Each song is crafted just right; not too long, not too short. Basically, Himself gets whatever he’s trying to say on tape, then ends it, there’s no fucking riff-raff. They’re obviously not self-indulgent in their song writing, never over staying their welcome, and being concise.

They have one well-chosen guest, some cat named DCxDCxDC who does his flow on Link’s Revenge, and it sounds up to par with Himself, keeping it concise, and on point as well. He keeps that same feeling of misanthropic apathy that Himself keeps much throughout the album. However, there was one track that seems out of place for Himself; the title is ‘Awakening’ and seemingly, it shows a soft spot to Himself, but that shit is real as hell, so it’s admirable beyond belief.

     These guys finish the albums strong as fuck with the namesake, ‘808-Bit Revenge,’ (see above), then with ‘King Dethroned.’ Why these guys aren’t bigger than they are, I have no idea. The beats from Froskees are fucking solid, and Himself is astounding at putting nerd/misanthropic/player/pimp shit together. If that 8-bit stuff isn’t your style, though, they’re not just relegated to that, they’ve actually had other releases, which can be found at their tumblr site: www.Shadowrunners.com (if you can, find Himself  The Majestic I have No Identity Vol. 1 Shit is LEGIT!) An example of their shit, and one of my favorites:

Anyway, pick this shit up (not literally, just download the fuck out of it,) tell all your fucking friends on MySpace, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Blogspot, MiGente, Friendster all that shit. We’re gonna hype this shit up forever and we’ll hate you forever if you don’t. So go support these guys, hit them up on everything:



ShadowSpace (Does anybody use this shit anymore?)

Download the hell out of this HERE



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