California Discord Fest Changes Venue

9 05 2011

There hasn’t been a huge all hardcore punk fest in Los Angeles for a few months now and people are starting to get restless leg syndrome, meth teeth, and anxiety attacks. Good thing for us, we have all been saved by power chords, duck butter, and the California Discord Fest 2011.

California Discord Fest 2011 (CDF) is a two-day punk endurance test on Saturday September 24th and Sunday September 25th. CDF’S confirmed line up: DropDead, Rattus, Ghoul, Resistant Culture, Bloody Phoenix, Coaccion, Lack of Interest, Murder Construct, Bumblaatt, Massakro, and Inglewood’s finest Despise You.

Originally, the location of the first annual California Discord Fest was the Doll Hut in Anaheim. CDF has announced today that due to two weeks of overwhelming responses to accommodate the vast amount of concert goers, the fest has been moved to The Vortex Warehouse in Los Angeles.

Along with the established line up, CDF has put up a battle of the bands show for local bands. The idea is to pick to two best bands from each show to avoid being biased. The two winners of the battle of the bands will be put into the official CDF lineup. Although the date and location for the battle of the bands show has not been announced, the line up for the two shows is as following:

First Show
Internal Corrosion
Eat the Living
Professor Panyck’s Schizo Circus

Second Show
Duke Nukem Forever
Colombian Necktie
Get Greens
Burn Idols

We here at TheLoveStain are complete biased assholes and think Duke Nukem Forever and Goner should play but that’s just us being assholes although frankly both of those bands will “Rip off your head and shit down your fucking neck.” We will keep you updated on all things CDF or if you’re obsessed with information updates check out their site here



2 responses

11 05 2011

FUCK YES ON DNF!!!!#@$%^&*(

12 05 2011
Daniel (CDF-Bones Booking)

Thanks for posting this! 🙂
We will be announcing the next “wave” of bands for CDF along with rest of festival information, vendors,price,where to buy tickets,etc.

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